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Testimonials for Business Coaching and Mentoring

“I have worked with Steve for a number of years and he is a superb learning and development expert. His ability to get people coming away with a long term learning after a short interface time is down to his experience and charisma. I would recommend any organisation looking for presentation or communication skills development to make him your first port of call.”

Tim Hawkes -Respected expert in developing coaching cultures within organisations

“I met Steve as I was embarking on my solo career as a consultant in a networking group, who’s name I won’t mention for fear of embarrassing them. He had a presence or personal impact that no-one else did. When he spoke people listened. I went to him to improve my presence and impact and found I improved my tone, resonance and ability to speak with impact and integrity. He was completely on my side and made it easy to learn. A wise man who walks his talk!”

 Stephen D’Aulby – Senior Consultant at Serac Limited

“If you want to learn how to make people stop and listen, captivate people with your presence and charisma, enchant people with your voice – this is the man to go to. I met Steve when we started working together to run his courses and it wasn’t long before I joined on a presentation course myself. Steve is truly passionate about what he does and with a great philosophy on life, he empowers those he teaches.”

Catherine Robson – Freelance Marketing, Coach-in-Training and Founder of The Guide to

“Every time I’ve hired Steve I’ve been impressed all over again by just how good he is – and not just because of his superb talent at training people, but by his warmth, empathy and personality. His skills are invaluable to us, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Pick up the phone to Steve and you’ll see what I mean.”

Hilary Turnbull – CEO, imPRESS, Int’l Advertising Office for CompareNetworks & IEEE Media

“Working with Steve is incredible as he is able to challenge you to give more of yourself than you would ever believe possible. He uses his huge experience and colourful character to help you explore your own personality. He can also help you overcome any shortfalls or blockages that might be getting in the way of you achieving your personal objectives. He was able to help me with self discovery and be more confident in my presentation style.”

Richard Glover – Director Product Management at Richard Glover Consultancy Ltd

“If you need to understand what is being communicated by others or you need to hone your own communication skills Steve have some really cool ways of helping you – no matter how proficient you may think you are.”

Anthony Pybus – Boardroom Influencer at Team Apogee

“Steve is a force of nature.He has a presence and an aura that draws people to him; qualities that make him an ideal teacher, motivator, coach and communicator. We may not always agree on some issues but when Steve speaks I make a point of listening! I’m in awe of his ability to apply himself whether it be as author or as an archer closing on Olympic status. Steve’s one of the good guys”

Chris Hughes -Business Coach/ Mentor/ Speaker. Leadership, Change, Marketing and Value Proposition specialist.

All of the above testimonials are from Clients who have received communication skills training, coaching or mentoring from Steve Thomson of Profile Training.  Testimonials were originally published on LinkedIn and we would love to connect with you.