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Introduction to The Sticking Point by Steve Thomson


We all get it.

We all understand it.

What we can’t do though is measure it.

We get so used to putting numbers to everything; to putting it on the scales or placing a ruler on it, that it’s easy to overlook the fact that pain isn’t something that leads itself to being measured.

We can of course compare our own experiences: “burning my fingers on a hot pan was less painful than shutting my fingers in the car door, but more painful than stubbing my toe” sort of comparisons, but even these might be flawed since they rely on our memories of these events to be accurate and not to be tempered by time.

Pain as we experience it through our formative years, is about learning and risk assessment.

However, that’s all about physical pain.

So what about the other sort of pain? The mental, intellectual or emotional pain that is inflicted upon us and that we often inflict upon others?

Emotional pain is every bit as real as physical pain, and every bit as debilitating….and it too defies measurement.

It can’t be seen; it leaves no bruises; it doesn’t draw blood and it doesn’t break bones. Only in the most extreme cases might action be taken against someone inflicting such pain, and then often not until it is too late – the damage is done.


So what will this book do to help?

Through my work as a trainer and coach I have gained an understanding of the power of visualisation to effect profound changes in people, in their behaviour, their core skills, their ability to communicate and work effectively in a team and much more besides.

With that in mind I would like to offer you a story, a simple tale, but one that carries a key message which you will understand in two distinct ways. This story is The Sticking Point.