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Your marketing message is a crucial part of your business, regardless of size, turnover or profitability. However, it’s the marketing spend that can be the first to feel the squeeze when times are tight or cash flow is slow.

All the more vital then to take a good look at what your marketing is saying to your potential customer, and to ensure that the money you do spend is maximising the benefit to your company.

It’s not enough to put yourself in a directory, to fill out your profile on LinkedIn or Facebook or to sign up for a tradechecker organisation and wait for the money to roll in. That can be an expensive and wasteful exercise if it’s done without some real forethought and focus.

There are some things we would advise you to think about before you even decide where or how to market yourself:

  • What does your customer want or need?
  • How does your customer feel when they are in the market for your services?
  • Where are your customers looking?

These are the kind of questions that you SHOULD be asking yourself, but when you are sitting across the desk from a good sales executive, or when you read about how people are making millions advertising on this or that site they may be the last questions on your mind.

Make your marketing a positive experience for you, your business and your clients and you may well find it’s cheaper and more effective than you thought.

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