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Have you lost your voice?

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Working with a wide range of people and companies gives us a decent perspective on some aspects of business – or at least so I believe.

Any organisation, from the largest multinational to the one-person home based business has to have a voice; a character; something that is identifiable and distinctive.  In some respects it’s easier for a small business to achieve this, as the owner of the business will imbue all the communication and marketing with his or her own voice.

A large organisation has a tougher task, and it might fall to the marketing team to invent a suitable character (I don’t mean a cartoon or caricature ‘brand character, but the character of the company itself).

Give some thought to what voice your business has to the outside observer, and if necessary get some feedback from disinterested parties to help you identify and clarify that voice.

If in doubt, drop me a line!

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