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Coaching and Mentoring in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

People talk about a work/life balance. At Profile Training we believe in a life/life balance. Your business is a huge part of your life so we think it’s time to recognise that by taking a holistic, or ‘whole picture’ view of your life – including your work – and driving forwards with a clear view of what you want to achieve.

Profile Training exists to help you optimise all spheres of your life, from home and relationships to dealing with staff and customers.

We understand business. We understand the pressures that an underperforming business can have on your personal and home life, and even on your health and mental wellbeing, and we understand that sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to problem solving.

We use a wide range of tools, from training in practical skills such as presenting and pitching, delegation and negotiation, through to psychologies such as CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy; NLP  – that’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which sounds daunting, but is actually a great toolkit for many aspects of life and business and hypnotherapy, which we use to help you address issues and habits that might be holding you back.

We will work with you to define what you want from your life, and what you want to achieve; we’ll help you set goals, and develop the strategies that will help you reach them and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.



Coaching is a short term course of action to look at specific areas of your life and business which you feel could benefit from improvement. You may have a specific goal you want to achieve or perhaps you are setting up a new business venture. Our holistic approach to coaching will look not only directly at the issue you have identified but also at relevant factors in both your life or work, which may be influencing you or holding you back.



Mentoring is an ongoing process and extension of coaching, during which you will be guided and assisted by someone with the knowledge and experience to help you move your life or business forwards. We know that life and business inevitably overlap and we look at all aspects to help move you forwards. As a mentoring client you will benefit from regular meetings and communication to give you the ongoing support you need.


Communication Skills

Communication is an essential part of life and business whether you are communicating with staff or making a sales presentation to a potential customer. We communicate every day via conversation, email or the written word. Clear, confident communication is the key to every successful transaction. As a highly experienced presenter, I will give you the tools to improve your own communication practices.

Leading With Authenticity

  Nothing a leader can do or say means a thing unless it is done or said with authenticity. Our ability to intuit the sincerity of a manager or boss even in the smallest of interactions means that the boss who isn’t authentic in what they say is unlikely to be able to...
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Have you lost your voice?

Working with a wide range of people and companies gives us a decent perspective on some aspects of business – or at least so I believe. Any organisation, from the largest multinational to the one-person home based business has to have a voice; a character; something that is...
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What is your marketing message?

Your marketing message is a crucial part of your business, regardless of size, turnover or profitability. However, it’s the marketing spend that can be the first to feel the squeeze when times are tight or cash flow is slow. All the more vital then to take a good look at what...
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